Norra Abdul Rahim, Managing Director/Executive Producer

Norra is the oil in the Realise engine. Passionate about the work, she has been an influential member of the team since she joined as a Senior Producer in 2004. Norra now oversees all production, runs day-to-day operations, manages client relationships and, when required, is a first-class counsellor for nervous teams.

Having delivered content for both agencies and production companies, Norra is an extremely steady pair of hands. She has a broad range of skills that were first honed working on high-end productions for the Asian market through Infinite Frameworks in Singapore.

London soon came calling and after stints on features and at @radicalmedia, Norra established herself at Smoke and Mirrors. As a producer to visual effects luminaries Sean Broughton, Jon Hollis and Tom Sparks Norra gained four years of essential experience before her next role at Realise.

Norra has a broad technical knowledge, delivering cost-efficient, effective production from initial concepts to grading and mastering. With skills in production design and art direction, Norra loves to problem-solve and will always push her teams to deliver the best work possible.

Don’t go dancing with Norra unless you have your wits about you.

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