Treasure Island

Production company: Parallel Films
Directed by:Steve Barron

Sky 1 had an ambitious vision for this new TV adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of mutiny and pirates. With an ensemble cast including Elijah Wood, Donald Sutherland and Eddie Izzard, director Steve Barron aimed for a detailed, historically rich look for the flagship mini-series set in the Eighteenth Century.

This was just the kind of challenging production we relish: 672 shots, recreating a wide diversity of locations with complex lighting, camera moves and production design. Lead VFX Supervisor Diego Vazquez Lozano and his team were kept busy for ten intense months building ocean battles, tropical islands, sea floors, and not forgetting Long John Silver’s iconic stump.

Highlights included recreating the Bristol docks, complete with a flotilla of multi-rigger ships and their motley crews. Shooting the plates in modern day Dublin Harbour, we transformed the location in CG, sourcing original paintings and photos as reference to create something so realistic, it reeks of scurvy.