Thomson / Simon the Ogre

Agency: BMB
Production Company: Sonny London
Directed By: Fredrik Bond

Bringing a character to life in CGI is always challenging. Creating one audiences empathise with, who acts as the centre point of a truly emotive story is the pinnacle of visual effects. In this spot, Thomson Holidays reminds us of the power a vacation can have on us. It was critical for success that viewers identify themselves or a loved one in our ogre and follow his journey restoring himself. Our goal was to make this character live seamlessly in the world filmed by director Fredrik Bond. Through careful use of prosthetics and CGI we helped Thomson Holidays make Simon a little less horny.

Creative Directors: Sir Trevor Beattie (ECD), Gavin McGrath (CD)
Creatives: Christopher Keatinge and Dan Bennett
Producers: Gemma Fergie, James Bolton

Production Company:
Director: Fredrik Bond
Producer: Sara Cummins
DOP: Ben Smithard
Production Manager: Natalie Isaac
First AD: Chris Kelly
Prosthetics: Vincent Van Dyke

Editor: Tim Thornton Allan
Assist: Alex Williams
Assist: Phil Hignett

750 Mph
Mixer: Andy Humphreys

Realise Credits
Creative Director: Jordi Bares
CGI Lead: Amir Bazazi
2D Lead: Ally Burnett
Producer:Paul Schleicher, Gavin Gregory

Ben Blundell – 3D Lighting
Louis Dunlevy – FX TD
Michele Fabbro – 3D Lighting
Rob Van Den Bragt – Animator
Janek Lender – Animator
Henry South – Texturing
Simon Payne – Rigger
Greg Malkin – Tracking and Matchmoving
Christina Mandia – Tracking and Matchmoving
Denis Boudin – Modelling
Rainer Stolle – Matte Painter

Paul Downes – Flame Assist
Rafael Vormittag – Nuke Lead
Stefan Susemihl – Nuke Artist
Alex Snookes – Nuke Artist
Robert “Jacko” Jackson – Nuke Artist
Ross Macpherson – Smoke
Tom Brown – Media Coordinator
Markus Lundqvist – Shoot Supervisor
Carlos Nieto Lopez – Concept Artist
Henrik Holmberg – Concept Artist
Aviv Yaron – Texture Photographer
Mike Tinney – Retoucher