Sony Headphones / Florrie

Production Company: Rokkit | Directed by: Elisha Smith-Leverock
Realise: Visual effects supervision, 2-D compositing and effects

We're big fans of multi-taskers and they don't come much more polymath than Bristol-born Florrie. In this eagerly awaited first major label release for the 24 year-old, Director Elisha has gone for a crisp split-screen approach which features the beautiful multi-instrumentalist play all the parts in this hooky track.

Although shot with locked-off cameras, the set is so simple and revealingly lit, our 2-D department had their work cut-out making sure that the multiple versions of the Florries we see on screen always look like they're in the scene. With three Nukes and one Flame pulling everything together, stitching shadows and rescuing fallen scenery was a challenge, but satisfying. And we hope you agree Elisha has made her artist look great, from all angles.

Florrie already has a strong online following, drumming for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and the Pet Shop Boys, and releasing her own material with artists like Fred Falke. Looks like she can own the front of the stage now also.