Shell / Lego

Director: Jon Hollis | Production Company: Nice Shirt Films
Realise: 3-D

This Shell V-Power and Lego promotion is all about the reveal. Director Jon Hollis, a long-term collaborator of Realise and renowned Flame expert, approached us with the challenge of creating the silk sheet and the Lego Ferrari miniature beneath it.

Silk is anisotopic which means that it scatters light in different directions according to the weave in the fabric, making it a reasonably complex material to recreate in post. But this was essential if the audience were to be convincingly bluffed that were about to see a full-scale Formula 1 car.

The simulation was done in multiple stages. First a low-res cloth simulation was run to get the overall shape draping over the vehicle. Then a higher resolution sim was run in order to art-direct the shape, tuck in the edges nicely under the car and settle the final cloth shape. We ran a final third simulation to whisk the cloth away.

For the car Lego provided the original CGI data for that the toy designers had used to create the plastic wind-up, which we enhanced using a variety of texturing and lighting tools.