MTV / Mister Furry

Agency: Universal Everything | Directed by: Realise Studio & Universal Everything

Starting his life as a small furry ball and initially rejected from a test used for a Chemical Brothers promo, Mister Furry has grown from his humble beginnings to internet superstar. Going Viral with countless hits on YouTube and Vimeo to his own fan page on Facebook, he has even been commissioned by clothing company Zara for a t-shirt design. In fact although initially used for one MTV ident done with co creator Matt Pyke, Mister Furry has been commissioned again and again. His latest guise being showcased as part of an incredible opening exhibition at Paris gallery La Gaite Lyrique where he transformed into different versions of himself.

While Mister Furry may look cute and cuddly he is in actual fact a product of bespoke and complex programming by Realise who designed a custom fur system that enables spontaneous changes to be made to his appearance while he is moving.

The humble Mister Furry has won awards including Silver for Best Television Campaign – On-Air Design at the Promax UK Awards.