Li Ning / Basketball

Directed by Raf Wathion through agency Leagas Delaney, these completely CG commercials were created as part of a 2 spot campaign for emerging Chinese sports brand Li-Ning, This particular spot stars explosive NBA point guard Baron Davis who appears at the climax of the commercial when he is transformed from the animated character into his human form.

Realise was very much involved with the inception of the spots, using two concept artists to design the arena and the protagonist. An intensive animatic process helped the team to determine a shot list for the motion-capture which was supervised by Realise. It was generated and driven by mo-cap data and involved a complex humanoid rig to form realistic movement. The project was rendered with innovative physical based rendering technique to better emulate how light behaves.

Huge building sized posters were also created by Realise for display in China. They are the biggest ad-posters used to date.