Lewis Watson / Into the Wild

Production: Rokkit
Director: Oliver Murray
Record Company: Warner Music
Realise: Visual effects supervision, 2D compositing and effects

The brief for this film was all about simplicity, creating a subtle shift as the song progresses. Director Oliver Murray’s concept was for a natural, wintry landscape to slowly encroach upon the artificial space where Watson performs. We worked on around fifty shots, enhancing what was there and adding effects such as the snow flakes in the windows, and the leaves that appear around the singer.

To reinforce the sense of a natural, real world we were strict about making sure that the light-sources in the space were the guide for all the effects. Ollie has a strong technical sense and had a very clear idea about what he wanted for each shot, which helped us get through the demanding shot list efficiently and quickly. With over five million hits on YouTube, Lewis Watson is something of an internet sensation. This film should help bring his talent to an even wider audience.