Landrover / Projection Mapping

In a unique experience for customers collecting their new top-spec Range Rover, seven projectors beam 4K resolution imagery onto their new car whilst it revolves on a turntable in a specially designed auditorium.

The combination of the car’s movement on the turntable, the multiple projectors and the beautiful imagery, created entirely by team Realise, results in a sensory experience for the select audiences at Land Rover’s Solihull Visitors’ Centre.

We created a sequence of dynamic graphics based on the design and components of the new hybrid SUV. Once assembled, the car travels through a series of abstract and complex environments before being enveloped in paint and finally transforming into the car the customer will drive away.

Its great to see that brands are realising that when combining the latest CG and projection techniques, we can do so much more to create experiences that make a really lasting impression on audiences.