Kambi / See the Unseen

The phenomenal speed at which Kambi’s Sportbook engine is able to analyse and calculate data during key sporting moments sets them apart from their competitors in the betting odds arena.

To illustrate their software’s ability to essentially slow time, Realise Studio was invited to create three animated sequences for a 12 by 2 meter 8k video wall together by leading Brighton agency Mosaic.

Realise’s creative director Paul Simpson directed a motion capture shoot, featuring a range of sporting activities, in which players were choreographed to highlight critical point scoring moments during a game.

The film features sports characters being slowed down in time revealing beautiful and intricate clouds of data generated from multicoloured traces creating mesmerising sculptural forms as they travel across the length of the canvas.

The animation team at Realise were able to showcase their custom coding capabilities too in devising their unique combination of Houdini and GPU rendering for the project. The motion capture data was brought to life through an extensive process of time re-mapping, animating and particle development.