Hyundai / Made By Humans

Directed by: Universal Everything for the Hyundai Vision Hall, South Korea
Realise: 3D

Increasingly we’re being asked to create pieces for agencies and brands beyond the 30 or 60 second commercial format. Universal Everything approached us with a fabulous brief for Hyundai to create a stunning installation for the Korean car manufacturer’s Vision Hall project in Seoul. The films would need to stand up to scrutiny whilst being shown on a massive wall of interlinked high definition screens.

The cut you see here is actually two of eighteen films commissioned by the engineering company. The first, ‘Made by Humans’, evokes the process of production with a motion-captured dancing figure creating striking moulded forms in vibrant liquid colour, modelled in Houdini. It’s already causing quite a stir, being viewed tens of thousands of times and voted as ‘Staff Pick’ on Vimeo, soon after release.