Hyundai / Brilliant Moments

Agency: Innocean
Realise: 3D, grading, installation

Hyundai’s agency Innocean commissioned a series of films to launch the car manufacturer’s new SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. Designed to create impact on press day and draw visitors to the Hyundai stand, we created four abstract pieces in 3D, conveying Hyundai’s overarching theme ‘Brilliant Moments’ – where technology is personal, inviting and human-centric.

Jordi Bares led the work, creating contrasting films, each suggesting the qualities that the car and brand evokes. In ‘Illuminate the Moment’ light is suggested by glittering diamonds. ‘People-shaped Thinking’ conveys human energy with light trails. ‘Pulse of Brilliance’ suggests rhythm using manifesting circles and in ‘Flow’ aerodynamic lines resolve to form the car.

Hyundai’s production design relied on very large modular screens, combining LEDs and high-definition screens. The CG needed to be pin sharp and uniformly colour-calibrated across the screens, which stretched to 30 metres around the presentation stand.

Once in the location, the scale and lighting properties of the space required all the skills of Jordi and his crew, and we spent many intense hours planning and testing the set-ups and making final tweaks to the films.

We had tough competition from the Lamborghini and McLaren stands also launching new cars nearby. The subtle and atmospheric sound design, created by the team at Hear No Evil contrasted well with the more vigorous noises on the other stands. This beautiful soundscape, combined with stunning visuals, kept the Hyundai stand mobbed throughout the event.