Foals / Out of the Woods

Foals are one of those bands that have a catalogue of promos that could only be described as brilliant and we feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work on their latest for the track “Out of the Woods”.

Posted in record time, this piece showcases a great team effort by the Realise 2D crew devising a series of effects that worked efficiently in post yet were as visually striking as possible.

The layering of imagery shot on location in a London council estate builds tension as we follow the perhaps disturbed perhaps supernatural experiences of a young woman. The team comped the variety of visual effects which added further texture to the piece. These include the hand raising beneath her skin in the shower, flashes of filmed imagery throughout, a trippy ride in a lift, and concluding with a group of shadow figures appearing in the young woman’s living room. The result is an Aronofsky-esque journey of mental breakdown mixed with spirituality and another brilliant piece of work in the Foals catalogue of promos.