EBLEX / Why Wait ‘Til Sunday?

We all can appreciate that midweek working lull. BMB and Somesuch partnered with Realise to turn that feeling on its head for EBLEX, the English Beef and Lamb Sector Organisation, to promote having a mini roast dinner in the week. Wittily directed by the talented Sam Hibbard, the film features an everyday office worker who rouses his colleagues with a soapbox rallying cry denouncing takeaways and strapping on a jetpack powered by an oven. Blasting off, he flies across the countryside while a roast cooks on his back. Why wait. Tuck in…

Agency/Main Client
Agency: BMB
Executive Creative Directors: Matt Waller
Creatives: Tom Sillars
Producer: Catharine Grifiths
Business Director: Ed Norrington

Production Company
Director: Sam Hibbard
Exec Producer: Seth Wilson
Producer: Chris Massey
DOP: Daniel Bronks

Editor: Edward Line
Final Cut

Mix: Wave Studios

Post Production
Realise Studio
Creative Director: Jordi Bares
Flame Lead: Ally Burnett
Flame Assist: Ross Macpherson / Paul Downes
Nuke: Alex Snookes, Matheus Lacava
Rotoscoping: Rafael Zierhofer
CGI: Jordi Bares, Cat Harris
Matte Painting: Carl Edlund
Media Coordinator: Tom Brown
Production: Paul Schleicher, Martina Silharova

Aubrey @ ETC