Darty / Pixelman

Agency: Agency H Paris | Production Company: Big Productions | Directed by: Realise Studio

We like challenges and can push things, even when budgets are tight. Darty, for some years a leading chain for electronic goods in France, has a history of innovative, witty commercials. So when the agency approached us to direct their latest with a small budget, we were excited but also keen to ensure that we could do justice so such a loved brand.

Working closely with the agency on the script, we created a film where our central character travels through constantly changing interiors, manifesting as a different style of animation in each scene to suggest the wide range of products.

With live-action sequences shot using motion capture and the Canon 5D Mk2, we created the majority of the scenes entirely in 3-D. After the success of the Mister Furry project for MTV, it was great to move the technique on, designing and building the sets for the character to interact with. All post from editing to grading was completed using our specialist in-house teams.