Conan The Barbarian

Production company: | Millennium Films | Directed by: Marcus Nispel

Following the work we completed for the blockbuster Prince of Persia, we were approached by the same team at Reliance, formerly Digital Domain to work on this remake. The task set by them and Director Marcus Nespel was to a create a number of battle sequences with ghouls formed from sand. This kind of work is perfectly suited to our skills, requiring quick and very high-quality renders using Houdini software. We’ve been using this highly versatile package since Side Effects launched the beta, and it’s great for the complex character and particle work that many high-end features now demand. Even though we’d been supplied with performances from actors, it was actually easier to completely build certain scenes. We were pleased with the way that the ghouls disintegrate, like sand castles do when struck. We worked fast, turning the shots around in around eleven weeks. Visual effects were supervised by Louis Dunlevy.