Chrysalis / Short Film

A short film by Nick Rutter
With score by Lapalux

Nick Rutter joins forces with Lapalux again to bring this chilling short film of teenage angst. An analogy for the they way we felt as teenagers when the object of our affection fancied someone else, the film brings the inner pain out in a sometimes gory but deeply emotive experience of a young man’s travails through the teenage social scene.

Having successfully worked together on the award winning “Without You” video last year, Nick and Lapalux (aka Stuart Howard) decided to bring out this film which was scored specifically for the picture.

Realise Head of 2D Markus Lundqvist set about enhancing the blood work and prosthetics and grade by Luke Morrison enhanced the tone set by the lovingly shot 16mm footage.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Nick and the team over at Sonny London. Realise Head of Production Paul Schleicher says “having worked with Nick for several years across shorts, commercials and promos, I can honestly say he is truly a talented young director with the ability to tell a story which resonates, and produce work with a unique voice and strong visual style. I am always thoroughly engrossed by his filmmaking.”