Chemical Brothers / Sometimes I Feel…

Chemical Brothers / Feel

In advance of the Chemical Brothers 2015 world tour and the launch of their much anticipated eighth studio album ‘Born in the Echoes’, Realise has again collaborated with RSA in creating a ground breaking animation for the band’s legendary stage design. Directors Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall have previously worked with Paul Simpson – founder & creative director at Realise Studio – to create an animated sculptural horse which featured prominently in the band’s 2012 world tour and feature film ‘Don’t Think’ – vimeo.com/17855007.

The ambitious visual ideas to accompany the track ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’ required Realise to develop a character that could be animated using a combination of motion capture and custom built simulation software. The further challenge was to ensure that our character, together with a range of environments, were created and rendered with only four weeks to go before the first show.