Blonde / I Loved You

Blonde, the Bristol-based duo of Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson have been making waves since this summer’s release of their debut track, Higher Ground. When our regular collaborator Jack Laurance of Armoury called and asked us to take the VFX reins of his anarchic promo for Blonde‚Äôs latest track, we were delighted to join him for the ride.

Beautifully shot with a raw and gritty energy in Mexico City, the promo tells the story of two free spirits torn apart when one of them is “discovered” and thrust into the world of fashion and photoshoots, losing the freedom she shared with her friend. We provided several key VFX shots including inserting the young protagonist’s image across a huge billboard, and gave the film a final polish.


Director: Jack Laurance
Producer: Clare Gibson
Production Company: Armoury London
Edit: Cut & Run
Grade: Houmam Abdallah at Electric Theatre Collective
Record Label: Parlophone

Realise Studio

Flame: Ross Macpherson
2D: Matheus Lacava, Rafael Zierhofer