Architecture in Helsinki / Dream a Little Crazy

“The Biological Bakery”, a laboratory of colourful chemicals and body shaped moulds makes the setting for the striking new promo from director and body architect artist Lucy McRae. Lucy shoots amazing images and videos based around augmentation of the human form and is undoubtedly one of the most vivacious and enthusiastic directors we have worked with. Graded by our very own Cia Durante there was some serious artist mind melding setting the look for this promo. We are super proud of the piece, which was commissioned by Protein and premiered on Channel 4’s ‘Random Acts’. Surely whatever those chemists are mixing will find its way to an East End dance floor soon!

Director Lucy McRae
In collaboration with Rachel Wingfield

Editor: Phil Currie
Edit House: Stitch
Band: Architecture in Helsinki

Realise Studio
Grade: Cia Durante
Smoke: Ross Macpherson
Flame: Ally Burnett