2 Chainz / I’m Different

We’ve been keeping an eye on director Elisha Smith-Leverock for a while now. She’s been picking up awards and acclaim for her work in fashion and with a strong pedigree as a fashion photographer, her star is definitely on the ascendant. Her latest short film ‘I Want Muscle’ recently won the Grand Prix in the prestigious ASVOFF competition at Paris Fashion Week.

When Elisha approached us with this promo for rapper 2 Chainz, to be honest we naively weren’t expecting this to blow up. But five million hits on YouTube later and it’s safe to say that this film has done the business for the Grammy-nominated artist, who has featured on tracks by Kanye West and Nicky Minaj.

Together with 2 Chainz, who clearly doesn’t take himself entirely seriously, Elisha fused West Coast fashion and wry humour into this film. The result is a cheeky and engaging tribute to the naughty things in life. Our role was largely cosmetic, cleaning up shots, removing logos and for the MTV version, blurring out 2 Chainz’s fingers as he flips┬áthe world the bird.